The restoration of this seal results from the desire of its present day owners to revive the traditions of its past and of the artistic and cultural heritage that bears witness to the simplicity and industriousness of the local people.

The farm is located in the Valle d’Itria, a charming valley surrounded by three hills on which the towns of Locorotondo, Cisternino and Martina Franca are located.

The name of the site traces its origins from an ancient icon of Our Lady, discovered in an underground church in the countryside of Martina, and now currently kept in the Basilica Church of St. Anthony of the Capuchin, in Martina Franca.

The manor is situated in a very picturesque setting and is composed of a group of six apartments in traditional Apulian conical buildings (trulli) and a manor house, all connected to each other by narrow streets and small cobblestone squares.

A beautiful pool and patio in a white wood complement the charm of this historic home.