This farm is considered one of the most picturesque farms in Puglia. It stands stately and elegant in the midst of a green oasis where time seems to have stood still. An aura of timelessness worthy only of great historic houses, the castles, cathedrals and the great houses of nobility. We are in open countryside on one of the most pleasant hills in Puglia, between the elegant and refined baroque town of Martina Franca and he bleach-white simplicity of Locorotondo.

Built in two different historic eras, between the eighteenth and nineteenth century, this farm is a typical courtyard villa composed of two separate architectural bodies: the imposing farmhouse, once a manor house, and the old “vaccheria “, or cowpen, a horse shoe of twelve interlocking traditional Apulian conical buildings (trulli) once used as stables.

The consecrated chapel is of considerable historical interest, and is rich in frescoes from the late eighteenth-early nineteenth century, attributable to Carella and his school.

A beautiful courtyard surrounds these enchanting structures, from which you can view the picturesque landscape of the Valle d’Itria, and a rare example of an old bee hive, now an historical artefact.

A recent careful restoration of the structure inside the noble manor house has restored six rooms as guests rooms. An elegant swimming pool completes the unique setting of this historic home.