Happiness is always just a moment. It is not a time. It ‘a moment or a series of instants. A point of contact with something extraordinary.

~ Francesco Alberoni ~

Our mission is always the same, turn your dream into an extraordinary and unforgettable moment.

How? By helping you organize, step by step, the most important moments in your life. A wedding, an anniversary, a graduation, a christening or a birthday are very important moments in everyone’s life, and should be celebrated in the most memorable manner. Ristò will help to make these special moments, unforgettable, by guiding you in the selection of a fascinating location, a sophisticated menu, a refined layout and evocative setting. Our location will set the scene for your event as if it were a movie setting. If you do not have a location that fully meets your needs, we can offer some of the most suggestive venues in the Itria Valley: ancient farms, historic homes, estates and palaces. Settings oozing with charm and prestige. Our menus are a sublime combination of a selection of authentic flavors, prepared and presented so as to excite the palate. The ingredients we use are carefully chosen and fully reflect the authenticity of locally grown produce from the area of origin. The preparation of the menu is done with originality and creativity, but with an eye to respecting culinary tradition. We take particular care in the presentation of the dishes to make sure they are aesthetically pleasing as well as an exciting experience for the palate. We have van-equipped kitchens and highly qualified personnel able to prepare on-site a variety of menus.




True love, is the way in two towards the light of a common ideal.

~ J. d’Hormoy ~



The land belongs to its owners, but the landscape belongs to those who can appreciate it.

~ Upton Beall Sinclair ~